As CERTMED Sp. z o. o. we are a professional distributor of specialized medical equipment. We provide our customers with wide access to the highest quality medical products and devices. We approach the needs of our clients individually and holistically. We want cooperation with us to bring value in the form of best use of funds, ensuring access to the highest quality offer.

Our team consists of people with many years of experience in the medical market. They were often co-authors of entering the market of products that are now widely known and used by specialists. Thanks to this, we have competences and knowledge in such areas as: nephrology, cardiology and optimization of hospital workflow. In our company, they work out of passion and the desire to constantly change the Polish market.

In an ever-changing world, we have the ambition to become a serious supplier whose strong position in the region will bring additional value to customers from the domestic market.

What makes us stand out?

Highest quality

We want to constantly offer only the best products in their field.

Quick and easy contact

We are at your disposal at any time!

International cooperation

Our goal is to build cooperation beyond state borders.

Full customer support

Good after-sales care is a way for us to build relationship.

Transparent contract terms

Clear and intuitive contractual terms are the key to successful long-term cooperation.

Our mission

We are aware of the challenges still facing the Polish health care system. We know that local backwardness and underinvestment can be overcome by using innovative and unconventional solutions. That is why our mission is to constantly increase the level of advancement of the Polish medical market.

We want the "innovation" that is changing today in all cases to be a real phenomenon and to adequately solve the problems we face. We have set ourselves the goal of searching for products on the global market that are absent on the Polish market but solve the most pressing problems.


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